Tuesday, July 20, 2010


We may not know when the right partner to come, yet rest assured, he/she will come.

Marrying someone in a whirlwind love does not assure it will last forever. More often, resulting to a much deeper grieving – why is that?

I have invested in the past much in feelings. Ignored facts thrown in my face. Accepted decisions will bear good fruit. In the end, I lost.

After a long while of grieving, the realisation is somehow set me free. We are not meant to be. We are of the past, and will remain in the past.

If someone will come, I hope I would be smart enough not to fall so intensely. Whirlwind is definitely a bad idea, yet hopefully not exactly a bad thing after all.

There are indefinite reasons why we fell in love.
And there are indefinite reasons why we fell out of love as well.


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