Tuesday, October 13, 2009

False Attraction

Why do you think guys fell out of love to the girl they used to love simply because she no longer the sexy girl she used to be – in other words, she is now fat and becoming ugly?

Most guys attracted to girls physically at first. The looks, the body and all sorts of what eyes can see. Unfortunately, beauty perishes. What we see are temporary and inevitably will change.

I was once a confident lady in my teens. I used to love going around with my set of friends because I feel and look good as they praised. Guys tend to reach out for my attention but I just played around. No, I am not a player type of girl; it is just I have 6 guy friends in the group and I don’t need more. I grew up with boys and perhaps what made me feel I am the princess – the only rose among the thorns.

10 years is like a day. Now, I am in my late twenties and just recently lost the confidence I had in me. Yes, I am no longer the beauty they used to like… I am now the ugly-fat oldy.

Sad to say, the one I loved cheated on me. He found someone else and left me. Why? How’d it happen?

Maybe I refuse to accept the fact that I failed to take good care of myself. I forgot to pamper myself. I missed to love myself. I spoiled myself.

But is it already too late, isn’t it? I am not so sure though. Like I said before, life is not what we make it. Life is a journey where the author wrote so exquisitely that we can never fathom.

I may be real sad and broken right now but the depression is also temporary. The story has only begun. There are still plenty of pages in the book. And the author always wanted victory for the main character. Am I right?

Thus, I should be glad.

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