Tuesday, October 20, 2009


I often blame the people around me despite the fact that I should be blaming myself. Sickly mushiness, that maybe me.

I hate it when people randomly do clich├ęs in wide public. It is like a huge-speared arrow hit my ego which indirectly breaks my day.

I hate it when people act so foolishly in love as if the whole universe relatively shield them from the grilling eyes of the people. It is like a heavy-metal block of iron dropped on my tiny head.

Perhaps, I am exactly what they are. I am exactly the vain girl who is stupid, stupid and stupid for love. I am the pathetic bitch who doesn’t want other bitches to run around and enjoy love to their heart’s contents.

Why can’t I be happy for those bitches? They are bitches like me.

Let them be – I could say. Yeah, why not? The wheel turns real fast; sooner or later, they will realize how foolish they were… with nothing else to turn to but weep.


  1. Sometime we tend to hide the bitterness through odd reactions. No matter how we justify, still it is bitterness.