Saturday, October 10, 2009

Love is Blind

Love made us blind.

I somehow admit the fact that I was blinded by love. But is it really a past or I am still blinded by love?

Reality is, it is still very hard for me to accept that up to now I am still longing to be loved by the people I cared about. It is too pathetic; I am pathetic.

I used to believe that life is what we really make it. Things happen along with the decisions we made. But the truth is, life is already written. Life is already made and what we have and what we had are chapters of our so-called life. So whatever decision we made at present, does not affect the future, because our life is already written. Our decision is just a manifestation of what was planned.

The painful experience I have now is a page of the book in which I will soon flip to move forward to the next page. God knows how much I tried to move on and forget the things that hurt me most. There even was a time that I felt I don’t deserve to be loved because I lost most of the people I loved. But I still believe that once something was taken away, it is for one purpose – to replace it with something better. My life is already written, will the author of my life wants the worst for me?

My life is one exciting, intriguing, thrilling and extreme story to journey. Life is hard at present. Love is unattainable. Happiness is vague. But one is certain, life is at best in the end.

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