Wednesday, October 14, 2009

You and me against the world!

When relatives and friends barged in to the relationship, love shutters.

It is foolishness to think one can achieve happiness if they do the ways to their heart’s contents. Fool as it is, people risk still. Love is not a decision, feelings can not be judged, all work together because that’s the way it is. We don’t decide to love, feelings work itself, feelings raise emotions, and emotions set itself to conquer the sanity of men.

We can never tell nor judge someone who is foolishly in love. Man was made to love. People may think they love the wrong person, but who are they to say so?

In the name of love, everything is equal. You have no right to judge and no obligation to tell the world how and what people should do. Some may be foolish; nonetheless, they have found happiness.

What is there more than happiness?

The pursuit of happiness is far greater than knowing how foolishly you have been.

It is always been better to love than be loved. But it is more fulfilling to love and be loved. Thus, will make you happy.

Then how to achieve happiness if you love someone and hurt someone at the same time? Will "You and Me against the world" truly unravel happiness? I can't tell.


  1. hmmm...everything is equal nga ba in the name of love? i don't think so.

  2. we always think it is not because people often believed it that way. But yes, everything is equal. It should be.