Thursday, October 1, 2009

Tough Love

Love is tough. Loving is hurting thy self. Somehow a certification that you no longer have any objection to feel whatever pain is coming. It has been verified, approved and sealed by your own will.

Loving is dying. You died and offered it to the one you love.

I never really imagine that one day a man could possibly hurt me this way. It was my mistake to fell so deeply. I risked, I invested feelings, I hoped, yet I failed – I ended up hurt, agonized, emotionally tortured.

I was happy, contented, fulfilled yet I chose to risk and love him. I am not lucky in love, I guess. I was not lucky.

Loving is the most challenging thing one can risk for. Love is something to be nurtured well. It has to be, otherwise premature blossomed unbearable hurt. That perhaps what happened to me – to us. We hurried too much and got lost on the crossroads.

If only there is a way to tell him how much I love him, I do. But I seem to lose the chance and ways to make it happen. It is all over.


Don’t be scared to love because you are scared to get hurt. Along with love is hurt. By all means, they’re always be together. Partner. Team.

So next time you decide to love, tell yourself – you’ve decided to get hurt as well.

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